heather at martha

We are all anxiously awaiting the premiere of our show tomorrow! We can’t wait to see it (watch it online at My Craft Channel.com)! While we all wait, here’s some fun news for me. I got to go to New York City last week to go to the Martha Stewart show! Martha devoted a whole episode to dollar store crafted Halloween costumes, and I got to share my $5 costume with Martha on the show. It was pretty exciting and a very fun experience.

You can watch me on the show! It will air next Monday, 10/10/2011, on the Hallmark Channel at 10am.

Here’s a little bit of behind-the-scenes and backstage footage of me at the Martha Stewart show:


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  1. Heather, congratulations! Looks like an incredible experience. Neat to see that Amy was there too! You looked great in your orange & black ensemble. Looking forward to watching your segment when it airs on the 10th!


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